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Straight Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts Straight stairlifts can only travel in straight lines, they are unable to go round bends or negotiate corners. If you have a straight flight of stairs then a straight stairlift would be the right option for you.

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The concept is simplicity itself; a straight stair lift will involve a rail plugged into a power supply alongside a staircase with a seat found at the bottom. This will transport people from the bottom of the stairs to the top (or, of course, vice versa) – often through the use of a small joystick that can be operated by the user.

The average stair lift is a sturdy item that can carry a fairly substantial weight – anything up to 19 stones will usually be safe. Even heavier mass can also be transported in some cases, though that will often require some kind of additional support. Be aware, however, that a wheelchair user will not be able to bring this on a stair lift with them. Anybody in such a situation would need to have a wheelchair awaiting them at either end of the stairs, or find an alternative way of transporting their wheelchair.

When it comes to installing a stair lift, the rail will be affixed to steps on the staircase as opposed to the wall, so there is no need to worry about reducing the value of a property. The average size of a stair lift seat is 60cm when in use; the seats can also be folded while dormant, reducing the size to around 35cm and ensuring that other members of the household can breeze past it as though it wasn’t there. Naturally, the seat of the stair lift can be left ‘parked’ at the top or bottom of the staircase when not required.

Straight stairlifts don’t require tracks to be custom made in order to travel round a curved staircase, therefore straight stairlifts are much cheaper than curved stairlifts. Stairlift Rental Is an option to consider. Also straight stairlifts can be installed much quicker then curved stairlifts.

If you are thinking of installing a stairlift in your house you will need to get a surveyor to look at your staircase and determine which type of stairlift would suit the layout of the stairs and your specific needs.

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