When renting a stairlift we understand that there are many options available, which makes choosing the right stairlift difficult and stressful.

There are loads of different stairlift companies who sell different types of stairlifts. They have many models at different prices with different specifications.

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A stairlift can be one of the more vital pieces of mobility equipment for a person whose options would otherwise be limited. Renting a stairlift in the UK can be stressful for the uninformed and may need to be done in a matter of days in the event of sudden accident. If you want to provide freedom for yourself, a friend or relative you’ll need the extra equipment. Caring for someone who is recently injured or ill can come with tremendous difficulties, which can put unnecessary strain on relationships or funds. Knowing your options such as stairlift rental can save you time, money and effort.

What is a Stairlift and how do they Work?

A chairlift is essentially a chair that travels up and down a rail track, which is mounted on the side of a staircase. A stairlift operates by a simple motor implanted within the base of the chair itself, which is powered by a small battery located in the same place. The motor turns a gear which is linked to a gear toothed strip on the inside of the rail. These can be operated either by a switch on the chair or by a remote control, which can be used if there’s more than one person in the house who needs it, or for aesthetic purposes. Some people don’t like the reminder of the chairs necessity in their main living area, so you should be able to call it up and back whenever you like.

Stairlifts usually come with a seatbelt which attaches with minimal difficulty and will allow the mobility challenged person to use it without risking falling off the chair. The ride to the top of the stairs is slow, comfortable and streamlined, designed not to bump or aggravate those with chronic pain or cause undue effort for the mobility challenged. The battery set into the base does need charging regularly, so be sure you have a port in place near the base and to unplug it before use. Simply plug it in at night before bed and you should be fine. Stairlifts are simple to buy or rent, come with installation options and are easy to operate even for those among us who aren’t technologically savvy.

Why do I need a Stairlift?

The short answer is the obvious one, you need a stairlift if you can’t climb stairs, but this isn’t necessarily just an issue of inability. Some people who technically can climb up stairs find it exhausting, limiting or dangerous and for those who can afford it a stairlift can be a valuable safety or convenience item. Whether a person is disabled and can’t walk, infirm, ill or just getting old a stairlift can be a necessity, but for those with issues like chronic fatigue that come and go it can just be very helpful, and for people with balance issues it can ward off the serious health risk of falling down stairs. If you’d rather not take that chance stairlift companies in the UK can furnish you with necessary solutions.

Even it it’s only used every so often the value of having a stairlift there when you need it is more than worth the cost. If you’re buying something for daily use you’re buying ability and security and if you’re using it for convenience you’re buying the safety and peace of mind of knowing the easy option is there if you need it. Either way if you have the income it’s something you should consider.

Why Should I Choose to Rent?

Stairlift Rental is an option for a number of reasons. For the most part people choose rental for temporary use. If you have an elderly or injured relative coming to stay, someone has been in an accident and you need to care for them, or you yourself have recently been through an operation or issue and simply need time off to recover renting a stairlift could be the best of the available options.

Most rental packages include installation and removal when you’re done with it, and you can have it for as long as you need it without the added expense and difficulty of buying your own. If you choose to rent then as soon as you or whoever you’re caring for is done with their recovery you can pack it up, send it away and pretend the whole unpleasant business never happened. You can also have them uninstalled and reinstalled as you need them, should the problem occur again.

Another good reason is to prevent the unfortunate necessities that come with stairlift ownership, among them the fact that everything eventually breaks and requires maintenance. While individuals who aren’t familiar with the market need to take time figuring out what kind of engineer or repairman you need and reaching them to get the job done quickly a rental company will have their own people. These will be in house, certified experts who should be able to take care of the wear and tear with minimal fuss and in good order. Getting something fixed quickly is both a challenge and a necessity for someone who has limited mobility. Suddenly losing access to the upstairs of the house can be a huge problem if you don’t’ have anyone to take care of you.

Another issue is the question of doubt. If you’re only just considering the use of a stairlift and aren’t sure whether or not you’ll need one getting a rental for a month to see how it feels and how much you’re going to use it can be the safer and more responsible option. A stair lift can be expensive to buy outright, you may need to be sure that it’s the right choice for you. Some rental companies also give you the option to buy at the end of the rental period, allowing you the extra freedom.
If you’re looking for a long-term option and have some confidence in your choice of product then buying a stair lift is be the best choice, as it is a one-time expense and thus the cheaper option. If there are any other considerations, you may want to consider stairlift rental.

What are the Stairlifts Rental Options?

Rental options depend on a range of factors, but they all come in a simple and consistent package. It begins with a larger initial investment that covers installation and the eventual removal of the stairlift, and then a flat monthly fee to be paid every month the customer keeps it. The average price for a normal staircase is somewhere between £250 and £400 depending on which agency you choose to go with and the quality product involved, as well as other factors such as your needs and location. Any reputable stairlift company will send a representative to provide you with a quote for installation. The monthly rate, for someone willing to shop around and pick the right option is around £40 a month, though your exact rate will vary depending on the staircase and your specifications.

Rental companies may charge extra for a long staircase, but a curved stairlift needs to be made to the individual specifications of the staircase. Due to the fact taht very few curved staircases having exactly the same rate of curve and length a curved stairlift rail can neither be manufactured to a standard, nor used again once installed. Because of the required specificity the manufacturing and installation of a stairlift is more difficult, which will ultimately result in higher costs of installation and removal, and the need to manufacture them individually significantly limits rental options. If you have a particularly difficult staircase you may need to investigate a permanent purchase.

As far as brands go you have a range of options, depending on your available funds and need. There are several excellent manufacturers in the stairlift and mobility industry including Acorn, Stannah, Savaria and Harnar Mobility. All these companies have a range of options, so you’ll be sure to find the right fit for you. Your rental agency will have their own preferences, but mobility is a surprisingly competitive market, so do your research and you should be able to find out which stairlift is best in both quality and price. The right choice of rental agency will consider your needs and requirements, and only then make their recommendation.

What do I Need to get Started?

Honestly there isn’t much in the way of initial requirements. Getting a stairlift fitted is fairly simple, as good rental agencies take into account the fact that people who require mobility equipment often have low energy and can’t afford to waste it jumping through hoops. All you need to do is have an idea of what you need, as they should have someone to install it for you if they’re worth the name. If you have the money, and the time to chat with the installer they will walk you through the simple process of buying, having installed, using and paying for your new stairlift.

What can I Expect of my Stairlift Rental Company?
They should have a website that presents your options, a complete list of available models and should be easy to navigate. They should be able to describe so you can understand it exactly how their stairlifts work and make it perfectly easy for you to get into contact and request a consultation.

The consultation should be free, and a truly good agency should be willing to arrive when they say they’re going to, as too much rescheduling can be a sign of a lack of reliability, which will be bad if maintenance will be required.The representative should provide you with measurements, present you with available models and recommend what’s right for you, rather than simply the cheapest or most expensive option.

If you aren’t the person who actually has the mobility issues, but you are renting the lift the representative should be able to include both you and the person who has the issues in the conversation.Installation should be prompt and responsibly done and should come with a tutorial as to how exactly you can operate your new stairlift. You should be provided with the name and contact details of a representative you can call if you should require further assistance or maintenance in the future. These factors will allow you to sort good rental agencies from bad and the great from the good. These are the ideal traits of an agency, and not all are essential, but you should at least keep the entire list in mind.

Renting a stairlift is a great choice for anyone having short or long-term mobility issues. Whether you’re taking care of someone who’s getting on in years, in a bad circumstance, or you just need to take care of yourself. Looking into the rental option is a simple, convenient process which can provide the simplicity and peace of mind of knowing you have the guaranteed and consistent upkeep that only comes with having a quality rental agency on call. Making the choice to buy can be something of a risk unless you’re sure you’ll need it for a long time and are certain of exactly what you want. If there’s any doubt of those two facts stairlift rental can be a great answer to a short-term problem.